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2012 was a very exciting year for talks which were delivered to various Rotary, Probus, University of 3rd Age (U3A), Camra AGM’s, and Pubs meetings.

Unfortunately many of my talks are for member’s only organisations but sometimes a publican or organisation will hold a public event so look out for them, or register for, news of events you can come along to.

Brightwater Brewery -  Alan Greenwood is CAMRA’s BLO (Brewery Liaison Officer) for The Brightwater Brewery, Claygate, Surrey.

Retail Price Maintenancee - A recent entry Alan added to Wikipedia re this subject, following an investigation into the fixed prices applying in post war British Public Bars.

Retail Price Maintenance was particularly important and helpful in post war Britain. At that time many products were in short supply and the public in general were very vulnerable to profiteering by retailers that had managed to acquire, short supply, goods. RPM gave stability to consumer industry products in a very difficult time so that all manufacturers, distributors and retailers had a level platform and the public had a good degree of protection. After the end of RPM many local retail shops in the UK withered away at the expense of the large supermarkets that were able to manipulate prices to their advantage.