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Brewers and Bankers

Sounds an unusual relationship and it is.

What could a Banker learn from a Brewer?

The History of the British Pub

A question I am always asked:

When was the first Pub?

Brewers and the Theatre

To have a pint, or not to have a pint?

Is that the question

Quirky Brewery Facts & Fictions

A selection of the oddest facts and fictions from the world of brewing

Why should a pint and good pub be protected

All great nations when they were at their peak had a thriving brewery industry. From the Egyptians, who invented beer, to the Greeks, the Romans and eventually the British.

So it was that nearly every British town once had its own brewery, each with its own individuality and character, who benefits their loss?

Beer has been the nourishment of the British people for 2000 years. It is a good source of vitamins and minerals and there is as much favourable medical support for it as there is the current spate of misleading, negative reports from biased people embedded in various health bodies.

Encouraging people to visit a pub is not encouraging people to drink but encouraging people to socialise. Socialising in a pub has led to some of the greatest ideologies, inventions, developments, partnerships - kill the pub and you kill not only the cradle of the community but of invention also.

Vessels for Drinking and Delivering Beer

Raise your glasses, pots, and, erm - horns

Brewery Logistics

Pioneering in a minefield of Beaurocracy, Legalities and the unknown

From Brewery to Pub and everything in between

The First Beer Agency

Brewery Brands, Advertising & Marketing

Beer, Ale, Lager - What’s the difference?

Guess what the first registered trade mark was for?

How to discover something different